Cherry | loose
NANCY RZ F1  product photo front L
NANCY RZ F1  product photo front L
NANCY RZ F1  product photo front L
NANCY RZ F1  product photo front S

• Cherry tomato
• Indeterminate plant habit
• For loose harvest
• Balanced plant with good vigour
• Good continuity in fruit setting

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Variety name
Introduction number
74-116 RZ
Crop type
Cherry tomato
Product label
Resistance (HR)
Resistance (IR)

Nancy RZ F1 is a cherry tomato variety, featuring an indeterminate plant habit for a continuous harvest, suitability for loose harvesting, balanced growth with robust vigor, resilience against fruit cracking, uniform red color, high brix level, and a convenient average fruit weight of 15 grams, promising both exceptional yield potential and a culinary delight.

• Nice uniform red fruit colour
• High brix level
• Good yield potential
• Average fruit weight: 15 gr