Personal advice

Tailor-made advice

Our hybrid varieties are perfectly tailored to local needs, both in terms of the climatic conditions and the market requirements. Resistances to pests and diseases mean that fewer pesticides have to be used and available farmland can be utilised more effectively.

However, to be successful with hybrid varieties, growers need thorough technical training. That is why our crop specialists and product development managers offer tailor-made advice on, amongst other things planting dates, crop management and necessary facilities and other investments. In this way we help growers to achieve the maximum yield from a particular variety.

What can you expect from us?

  • Wide assortment of varieties for different circumstances
  • Visits by specialist from Rijk Zwaan or local Rijk Zwaan partners
  • Invitations to visit our demo fields to find inspiration for new ideas, techniques and possibilities
  • Relevant crop guides and trial information
  • Guidance on ROI calculations


Increasing interest in quality vegetables

Dokun Ogunbodede has an agribusiness company in Nigeria, where he combines vegetable production with consulting and supplying input to other farmers. For the past few years he has been working together with Rijk Zwaan. Together they see great potential for agriculture in Nigeria.