BOREAL RZ F1  product photo front L
BOREAL RZ F1  product photo front L
BOREAL RZ F1  product photo front L
BOREAL RZ F1  product photo front S
Logo Blueleaf

• Long cucumber
• Average fruit length: 32 – 35 cm
• Strong plant vigour, parthenocarpic
• Highly productive variety

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Variety name
Introduction number
24-134 RZ F1
Crop type
Long cucumber (>28 cm)
Product label
Resistance (HR)
Resistance (IR)

Robust and resilient against yellowing

Boreal RZ produces high-quality long cucumbers. The dark green fruits have strong ribbing and a short neck. Boreal RZ was the first variety to be introduced with the Blueleaf trait, which ensures the crop stays dark green for longer, even under harsher conditions. The crop is vigorous with large leaves. The plants produce 1-2 fruits per axil and the fruit setting is strong. The combination with the intermediate resistance against CYSDV makes the crop extra resilient against yellowing. Although Boreal RZ is late to go into production, the final yield is high. The crop remains productive, both under colder conditions and in the second half of the cycle.