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News - 10-05-2022

African Eggplant

Holland Greentech, are official supplier of Rijk Zwaan seeds in Rwanda. Recently they organized an event to introduce Kazinga RZ F1, an African Eggplant hybrid variety.

African Eggplant seeds

The African Eggplant is a very common crop in Rwanda, being the fourth most common vegetable in terms of produce sales after tomatoes, onions and cabbages. However, most of the farmers, around Rwanda, are growing African eggplants using produced seeds from previous crops or using Open Pollinated Varieties (OPVs), with lower production potential. Holland Green Tech and Rijk Zwaan recognized the need to introduce an improved variety.  Kazinga RZ F1, which is a strong plant with high yield, the fruit has an attractive white color and a good shelf life.

Demonstration day

Demonstrations for Kazinga RZ F1 was held in Kagitumba, Nyagatare District. A well-known region located in the Eastern province of Rwanda, this region is popularly known for vegetable farming, where many farmers including exporters grow vegetables around the year. The field day was organized for farmers, exporters, extension agents and other actors involved in Horticulture production to see the performance of the crop and to gain the skills on management of Kazinga RZ F1.

Kazinga RZ F1: Surprise

 “Martha” Who is one of the farmers who attended the field day, and who has a plot of land, close to the demo plot expressed her pleasant surprise with Kazinga RZ F1, and said that, “it was my first time seeing a variety like this. Adults and children alike enjoyed it because it is less bitter, it has many fruits, and it is resistant to diseases compared to the African eggplant seeds we used to grow. It is a very good variety and it will be my choice for the next season.”

Seeing is believing

  “Daniel” the grower who availed the demo plot, had this to say, “I am very happy due to return on investment gained from 0.5 ha demo plot. He said “I used to grow other vegetables where aside from irrigation and fertilization, I was still required to invest a lot in plant protection, but with this variety I didn’t invest too much and now I am at the end of the third month harvesting and as you can see,  I am still harvesting”

Are you curious to try the African eggplant in your country?  Please find your local representative here.